My Quang Ngon

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My Quang Ngon

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Tên doanh nghiệp

My Quang Ngon

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928 Tran Cao Van Street, Da Nang City

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Quận/ Huyện

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Have you ever tried one of the most famous dishes of Central of Vietnam’s cuisine? That’s Quang Nam noodle – notable speciality of Vietnamese in general and Quang Nam people in particular. Eating Quang Nam noodle , you do not only taste its delicious flavour, but also learn about the Central region people characteristic – simply, sincere but strongly perseverance and understand more about their custom. Located on the busy but very peaceful street in fabulous city, NGON noodle is known as its brief name and quality as NGON means DELICIOUS. Coming to NGON, you will be offered a perfect meal with adequate of nutrition of vegetables and meat (pork, beef, chicken for your taste) boiled egg along with mingled flavour of noodle and soup. Special recipe from the young owner in company with his devotion make the bowl of noodle unique, highly decorative, convincible guests at the first glance. Enjoying Quang Nam noodle with herbs such as: cilantro, coriander, basil, bean sprout and rice grible cake will increase your appetite. Coming to us in order to appreciate Vietnamese culinary and be served with all our heart, coming with us you will find satisfaction and pleasure. NGON NOODLE 928 Tran Cao Van street, Da Nang city, warmly welcome all valuable guests.

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