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Schools & Studies


Where can I do CELTA, TEFL, or TESOL course in Da nang

Hello DHE I will like to ask if i can do a CELTA course in Da nang city without going to Hanoi or Ho chi minh city.

How can i learn English In Da Nang and Hoi An

I am a student in Da Nang and I will like to learn how to speak and understand English Language. I feel it is hard. Please can you share some ways to meet, learn or talk with a foreigner in Da nang or Hoi An

How Can I Learn Vietnamese In Da Nang?

Please I will like to learn the Vietnamese language. Can you point me to the right place that i could learn this language from? Is it true it is more easier to learn if you have a girlfriend ? :)

What makes Global English Centre stands out in Da Nang?

Hello, I will like to learn the English language. I am currently considering the Global English Centre, can you please advise what makes them stand out of all the English centres in Da nang?