DHE (Da Nang/Hoi An expats) pronounced "The" is the website for everybody living in Da Nang/Hoi An area. It is a website that will be a centre point for information for either people already living in Da Nang/Hoi An. The website is completely free for members

The main objective of this website is to provide Information for everybody staying in the beautiful city of Da Nang/Hoi An and for anybody that is also visiting to get information from people already staying in these places

Everybody can use DHE, including locals who are willing to help visitors in Da Nang/Hoi An city by giving travel tips and adding cool spot to our yellow pages listing.

The D-Web-Design team of D-Software Technology are behind this project and will be maintaining this project website

The purpose of DHE is to have "information in a central point". That was the motivation exactly few months ago. We want everybody coming to Da Nang/Hoi An to have different information all in one spot. But we also have not visited all the places in Da Nang/Hoi An, that is where you come in.

Both locals and expats businesses both in Da Nang/Hoi An are to be added, If you visited a place and you find out they have good manager, or the food is a must-try for people yet to discover this place. Kindly put such place to our business listing.

We believe in equality, that is why our homepage shows random listing whenever you refresh it.

If you find out we missed a particular business category, please Contact Us.

We are just an IT Outsourcing company, so we probably don't know the law...fine...but we have good friends that always tell us No or Yes...Google.

The Only problem with using yellow pages is if we have it on our domain name,eg "danangyellowpages or hoianyellowpages" . This doesn't apply to all countries, some countries are allowed it to be used by various publishers. Please check WIKIPEDIA.  And other recent sources on Google.

Our domain name is ----> "http://dananghoianexpats.com/". Moreover ICANN wont allow anyone to use yellow page as a Top domain name...


We don't entertain rumours. If what is been said is worth it, we will release a press release (Click to see our press releases page) to its effect, else we will let it go.


No time to check time please.


When you Add a yellow page listing as an anonymous user, the content will not appear anywhere on DHE, Instead our traffic police will hide it for sometime. If you have added a good spot, the traffic police will let it go and it will appear as anonymous, else it will be flushed out, meanwhile you must have a verified mail to add spot as anonymous user. 

If you decides to take over your previous listing by joining DHE, A tab to claim your anonymous post will be visible, click Claim Anonymous Post, and the content you posted with your email will be yours again.

1. When you register an account, make sure you have the used the right E-mail.
2. Refresh your E-mail Box.
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5. You are welcome to DHE

People on the website can follow anyone on the website. You can decline or approve a request. You can also follow anybody on the website to receive updates on what they are up to.

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A follower is a person that finds you interesting on DHE and think it is good to follow you to enjoy more of your activities...Your followers will see when you do anything on the website via their feed, The feed is available for all users. You will see when they update their profile page or add a new listing or the website

No, if the other party does not approve you following them, their is nothing we can do to help...Sorry

We hope this community to grow and will be sad to see you leave us...but if you have decided to leave our website, click Edit Profile and Cancel my account. If you are around Da Nang/Hoi An, send us an email to talk about why you want to leave us while we eat lunch or beer together (Vietnamese Style).

Note : Your content will be with us when you leave us and will either be under anonymous or Admin's account...

We figured out this is a community project and we dont need any information of anyone whatsoever, The only thing you will see on your profile page includes

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Just like spot owners, you cant like or dislike your comment. Other people viewing your comment will give you a thumbs up or down on any comment you have written. We might add cool, funny emoticon in the near future, but now, you can use the LIKE & DISLIKE button

Why we allow reviews for everyone without restriction, we might be forced to filter out some reviews, example of such review is when you are angry with a western restaurant for serving you tasteless Vietnamese noodle, we will assume you have written a wrong review at the wrong spot and might hide such review or delete from the system.

We might verify some rare cases of review, not all...please take note...

A review with much dislike from a lot of trusted members might be brought down if verified to be a wrong review.

Yes, we love to hear what happened in details, from the waiting staff to the manager reaction and poor service. If you had a negative experience about a place. Its freedom of speech. You can go ahead and let the community knows about it too.

Every Authenticated User can write reviews on DHE on all listing on the yellow pages. If you have been to a particular spot and felt the urge to write a good review for them. go ahead and review such spot for other users to know what is trending.

If you visited a restaurant, its a nice way to tell others the special dish they should look out for. Users will give you a thumbs up or down on review spots.

Marketing your product or services is not a one way street, most especially when you have competitors. If you still want to stay above your competitors, DHE is another avenue to do so. A lot of big brands that have established business still keep advertising their products via different media, so you should do same. Note that the more you advertise, the more people believe in you and want to try you out, and the ball is in your court to keep them when they come around.

Putting your businesses on DHE is Free!!!!!

When we planned to work on this website, we believed there are more than a thousand coffee shops in Da Nang/Hoi An and other spots. Also you will agree with us that some nice people have written blogs or listing of some places, so we are have crawled some of this blogs, get pamphlets to get some popular spot that have been listed in the pages of internet, pamphlets, or travel guide. Some of our sources are:


Randy's Book Xchange  

Some pamphlets we came across include

Foreigner travel guide

Jordan McDonald (404 Image)

Some "Other Information" in all listing pages are picked from your different website "about Us". We extracted the attractive information from different website, also pictures are from individual website too.

If you need to edit, please write to us claim the spot and correct the error.


If we receive too much report on a spot, we might be forced to confirm the spot ourselves. If it doesn't exist in Da Nang/Hoi An...The spot will be like Pooof (That is another word for disappear)

When adding yellow pages listing, we might have problem pointing markers to the exact spot, so that is another reason it will be good for spot owner to register, send us an email to claim your spot as to correct this mistake and help your visitors find your place easily...

We have gotten information from different sources and add them to the website...Some of our information includes Pamphlet, Internet and travel guides..Please check some guides we used in the credit page.

A spot with positive comments and recommendation of users should please contact Us, we will check the spot authenticity and give them a free Badge.

Terms & Conditions applies

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Hot : If you have an offer that you want people to get quick in the classified section or an event happening that is the talk of the town...You can use the Hotness badge to allow people know ...This is Hot in Town.

New: If you have a new spot in Da Nang or Hoi An and you want people to know about this spot. The new Badge is a good way to allow people to know this is a new spot they can check out

You can also use a background color, this will be provided to you when you need a new badge. Some of the available colour includes :

Black, Blue, Green, Red and yellow. You are free to choose any of these colours. This is optional, but remember they makes you stand out from the crowd

Recently, we are building partnership between DHE and reputable recruitment job agency in Vietnam. We have been authorised to use contents relating to Da Nang and Hoi An(Quang Nam) on our website.

Each Company logo signifies where we got the content. But to apply for this job, you need to click the exact link for each content to apply for the job at each job recruitment website. This is a good one and we are all happy about it

Yes, you can always add vacancies to the Job Section that could help Expats and locals find jobs. If its possible to have English or Vietnamese in your Job Description and Requirement, that is fine. But Its optional.

Yes, we are happy to have you on board. You can help add jobs from the recruitment agency by sending us E-mail and we will tell you what needed to be done. Contact us on [email protected] and we will be happy to reply you back.

Please Note that we accept images in PNG/JPG.. But its not more news that PNG is the best picture format nowadays. So we prefer PNG to help your spot or product glow, but at the same time we will accept other format too.

If you need to advertise any other thing like putting a job that needs staff urgently, you can promote it too, or a property that needs tenants or the next coming event and you think everyone should know about it. You can also promote such Events too. Contact Us to lets know what you need to advertise.

Please send us an email to send your the whole format of Ads type and what is good for your business.You can also invite us for a cup of Mango Juice(our favourites) while we discuss what is good for your business and your audience.

We will not post any Ads of spot/listing that is not supported by the Vietnamese law, we just sacked our lawyers don't lets hire new ones so fast. So if your spot is not genuine or not confirmed at all, please visit the next doorstep...We wont promote it...Cheers

If we have some orphanage homes that needs adverts on our websites or fund raising event , DHE will be happy to help you for FREE to put up this event on our website, please mail us in Advance to secure a nice spot for you. Also we might help design if you want us to help you design your your ad banner or what its needed to be online.But we need to be informed in advance to check in with our designers. This will be free as well


Non-profit Organisation with purpose of helping the kids in Da Nang/Hoi An Area.

Pet Rescue Mission

We will put your advert online for free as well if its a Non-Profit with 10 recommendation from site users. We will also help you design your ad page to put up on the website. Please mail us at least 2-3 weeks in advance to get you a spot.

Advertisement can be anywhere on the website, Some advertisement options includes: 

Banner : The banner is a shared space between advertisers and your advert will appear randomly and we can assure you that they will always appear on page refresh or when new visitor visits the website. The banner will come as image and your banner will lead to your website or the link of your spot on DHE

Sticky : The front page displays only Yellow page listings randomly, so if you edit your page, it doesn't mean it will be on top of the group. But if you want your spot to be sticky on the Front page on DHE, please contact Us. Your page will on our page when user refresh or visit the website.

Side Bar: If you want your spot to be on the Sidebar of the website. You can call us too

We will also include any advertised spot on our monthly newsletter or to new user that needs our help on guide when they arrive Da Nang/Hoi An

Your advertisement will appear on some section on the website that you want. You might want your advert to be on the restaurant yellow page sidebar when user are browsing through it and not when user are browsing through embassy yellow page spot. You can also allow it to show on all section of the website. 


Please when making contact concerning ads, give us the link to your spot, where you like your Ads to appear and the type of Advertisement you want..


Click the Contact Us to mail Us concerning Ads

Yes, we are happy to have people at the long run of the website, Moderators must have added a specified number of yellow pages, help people on the DHE forum and with the community approval, we will include you to our moderators to have some certain permission to help with the site growth and putting it on the same track it was meant for..

Note: Moderators of a particular section will be made known to the users of DHE website..

You can help promote the website by letting your friends know about this page and it content, write reviews on different spot, and recommend good spot to the whole community. If you have ideas that you would like to share or something that you think should be on the website but its not there..Write Us an Email to check your ideas and suggestions.