Where are some insurance company in Da Nang or Hoi An?

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Where are some insurance company in Da Nang or Hoi An?

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We are expats family coming to live in Da Nang soon. Our current insurance will expire soon, and we will like to know some insurance companies we can get that are ok. Thanks

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Some insurance company in Viet Nam

Hello...Some list of insurance companies that will probably respond to your mails around here and seems good are :

Cathay life
Dai-ichi Life
Blue Cross
Bao Viet
HSBC insurance

This are list of insurance companies i can think of and am sure they will be able to help, check their website for more information

Some information about insurance in Hoi An, Da Nang

Dear Simeon,

Thank you for mentioning me on this post. Actually, this is the fist time I know this page, so if I get any mistake, please forgive me. The page is very nice, professional and useful for people.

I am pleased to answer your question: There are no many famous insurance companies in Da Nang, Hoi An. Almost are in Ho Chi Minh and Ha Noi, but the area of coverage is worldwide, Asia, SE Asia or Vietnam and you can treat any hospital you want, so it is not important that you have to find an insurance company who is staying in your place, the only important is you need to find a right insurer with good benefit and good customer services. As I know, most of expat in Da Nang, Hoi An, they buy insurance via agency or broker. This is a good way because you can enjoy FREE services, they can give you more choice by offering different plans from different insurers, you are free in choosing, they will help you claim processing and take care your policy more carefully.

My company Tenzing Pacific Services Vietnam is an insurance agency for almost all the local and International insurance providers, We advise and offer you based on your needs and budget, so we are confident that we can find the best plan for you. Please note that again there is NO ANY EXTRA COST added in your premium. Now we focus on Expat community in Vietnam, Cambodia and Hong Kong. In the mean time, please visit us at www.ten-pac.com.

Some good insurers for expat in Vietnam now are InterGlobal, Blue Cross Vietnam, Liberty, AIG...

If you are interested to get some free quote for your consideration, please email, call or text to me:

1. The date of birth of members in your family.
2. You need inpatient treatment only or both In&Outpatient
3. Do you require more benefit in your plan like Health check up, Dental benefit, maternity benefit…?
4. If possible, please give me your ideal budget that you willing to pay.
5. Your email address.

After I receive this information I will check with all the insurers to find some insurance that catch to your needs and budget and will give you some quote for your consideration.

Do not hesitate to contact me via: Tu.nguyen@ten-pac.com, Skype: Tuninhkieu199255, Mob: 0902667255

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you and best regards,

Tu Nguyen

You don't have to use a

You don't have to use a Danang based insurance company. I actually use Liberty Insurance, based in HCMC, but has quite large direct billing network (to Danang). They also allow you to get treated oversea when you feel medical system in Vietnam can't treat you well.

Second of all, you should find a good agent to create you a plan that fit you the best. I contact Minh.Ho@LibertyInsurance.com.vn. He's a great guy, which has really deep understanding about medical cost in Vietnam and Asia, and create me the most economic plan but still give me security when the worst scenario happens.

Liberty Insurance

You are right Emma, i have heard about Liberty Insurance too...am yet to use them anyways...guess someone can check them out and let us know more on liberty insurance..Have heard nice comments on blue cross though...

Thanks for your input in the subject matter

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