What makes Global English Centre stands out in Da Nang?

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What makes Global English Centre stands out in Da Nang?

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Hello, I will like to learn the English language. I am currently considering the Global English Centre, can you please advise what makes them stand out of all the English centres in Da nang?

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Learn More About GEC(Global English Centre) Da Nang

About us

With over years of experience in English education and a wide range of courses to suit almost every need, Global English Center (GEC) has helped hundreds of students improve their English. Whether for your work, study, or just to feel more confident with the language, why not contact us to find out how we can help you.
At GEC, we are committed to helping individuals and organizations achieve their English-language goals through a diverse range of courses catering to a wide range of disciplines, for every age group you can think of.
Please visit our website www.gec-edu.net for more details.
GEC is located in a serene location at 23 Dinh Nup Street, Da Nang city. GEC aims to provide an ideal learning environment to students, with well-equipped classrooms, well-qualified and experienced teachers, up-to-date course materials, and a practical counseling service.
GEC currently offers the following courses:
1. Corporate English
2. English for Kids
3. English for Everyday Communication
Corporate English includes English for Specific Purposes, such as, Tourism, Hotel Management, Finance, Customer Care, Construction, Shipping, Logistics, etc. These courses aim at providing job-specific training in English, with emphasis on functional language which the students can start using immediately at the workplace in order to enhance their employability in their chosen field of work.

English for Kids which is divided into two age groups – 6 to 11 year olds and 12 to 17 year olds, is aimed at establishing a strong foundation in English for kids and teenagers, by incorporating state-of-the-art teaching methodologies.

English for Everyday Communication aims at providing all-round skills development for adults who are interested in using English in their everyday lives, be it to go shopping in the supermarket, buy postage stamps at the post office, or a multitude of other such day-to-day scenarios.

The school has a large area which contains the reception, seven classrooms, a computer area, rest rooms and parking area for students’ use.
The classrooms are comfortably furnished and well-equipped with modern educational aids to allow for a truly multimedia learning experience. The rooms have whiteboards and widescreen TV monitors which connect to computers, laptops and iPads. This brings the internet into each room and also allows for students' work created on laptops and iPads to be shared with others in class.
The student computer area is currently equipped with computers with internet connection which students are free to use without charge when they like. There is also a wifi facility which enables students who have their own laptops or mobile devices to connect to the internet anywhere in the building.

Counselling Services

GEC also offers counselling services to help students assess their current proficiency in English. Our aim is to help students set clear, realistic goals for the future, in order to draw out a road map that will guide them in their endeavors to achieving a high level of English language proficiency.

This service is available not only to students currently studying at GEC, but also to prospective students.

Contact Information:
GEC – Global English Center
A: 23 Dinh Nup Street, Da Nang City, Vietnam
T: (0511) 3 726664 – 0905 209 171
W: www.gec-edu.net
E: gec.edu.net@gmail.com

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