What are the phone numbers to call in the case of Emergencies?

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What are the phone numbers to call in the case of Emergencies?

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What are the emergency lines to call in Da Nang and Hoi An?

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Emergency Phone numbers in Da Nang/ Hoi An

A lot of numbers like the normal 119 or 911 are on the internet. But the keyword here is "Emergency" so you might be unlucky to speak to them if you can't speak Vietnamese, though am not sure if they have English speakers 24hours available...

I made a call to one of the numbers i found on the internet this afternoon and had a good discussion with one of the man at the immigration department and i was told he is the immigration police in Da nang. He told me that expats in Da nang should call his number number in case of any emergencies.

He is the immigration police in Da nang as i was told. He speaks English very well, of course, you need to speak slowly, but he grabs you quick...

Infact, immediately i told him I am a foreigner, his next question is: where are you, what is the problem/emergency? I told him i am only calling to verify the best person to speak with in case of emergencies. A lof of numbers are out there and might be outdated...So grab this :

Mr Dang Trung Thinh :Mobile :090547576752 /Office : 05113920097 (At the time of this writing, he will be on vacation from tomorrow (10/12/2014) . That will be a month vacation.

So in the spirit of trying to help, He sent me a number that work in the same office ...

Ms HA: 0905010586 /Office : 05113743791

I guess this is the 911/119 for foreigners in Da nang city...He said people can go ahead and call for any emergencies, I mentioned : accidents? Fire? ...he said anything..just go ahead...Good news...So if you confused, call him and he will send someone your way immediately or himself...

I hope you don't call him on where to get the best Pasta or cold beer...hahahahha...Ask DHE Team that question ;)

Other Emergencies line to call in Da Nang and Hoi An

Police :113

Fire station: 114

Ambulance : 115

Local call directory : 116

Information directory: 1080

Da Nang have 2 embassies (Laos and Russia Consulate)

Laos Consulate General
Russian Consulate General

Be Safe out there....

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