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Hello. Does anyone know where I can dance Argentinian Tango in Da Nang? If not does anyone know of a bar with a wooden floor for dancing on or a largish open space like the open mike cafe so 6 Simon

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Wooden Floor

Hello AgentSimon...I am not sure but have you seen Bamboo bar in Da Nang? I am not sure about the floor, but am guessing its wooden.. Also, though not woden,but its still a large floor space...that is the Tourane bar, all this bar are on Bach dang street...You can check them on the business directory section on the website for maps.

Also if you can't find any bar with your preference...opposite Novotel hotel, close to the river...i see a lot of Vietnamese doing Tango dances...not been there, but maybe you could join :D...Goodluck and maybe someone with better idea will help you


thanks for the info..I will check out the one opposite the Hotel.

You welcome

No problem...check around 7 or 7:30pm that is when am always coming back from the gym...and u can see them doing their dances

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