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QGS Viet Nam

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QGS Viet Nam

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12th Floor, DaNang Software Park, 02 Quang Trung Street

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+84 5113 888 682




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QGS is a leading software company in Asia that provides a wide range of products, services and value-added solutions to meet business needs around the world. You can easily realize that we maximized a lot of businesses' productivity in USA, Canada, Singapore, HongKong, Philippine and other Asian countries.

The unique breadth and depth of our expertise in Open Source methodologies and SCADA solution will empower your organizations to increase efficiency, cost reduction, and streamline workflow. We implement phase by phase from the requirement, identification, development, testing, and maintenance, even after deployment. Not at all, if you are looking for the innovation in Mobile, Social Applications and Cloud Computing Services, we are the right choice for your needs. With our youth and virtual passion in technology, we can win over these new trends and adapt to your command. For a prominent illustration of QGS Cloud Services, please discover at www.myQG

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