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Hello.... Any useful advise on vets, pet shops would be greatly appreciated... Lisa

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What sort of advise you need Lisa? There are some pet shop in da nang and animal rescue in Hoi An. What exactly do you need>

some pet shop in Da Nang

Hi Lisa.
Normally I often visit a pet shop in Ly Tu Trong street. It's placed near the corner of Ly Tu Trong and Dong Da street. They sell some food and toys and the other stuff for pet. Could be useful for shopping but not for medicine. Near there they have a small vet also (in the same street near the pet shop but I don't remember the number. You can ask the shop and they will show you)
One day I saw another pet shop in Nguyen Hoang street. It's near the corner of Nguyen Hoang and Le Dinh Ly street. They seem to have more product for pet but I didn't stop to have a look so I don't remember the number.
So if you have free time you can check these 2 adress. Hope it will help you a little bit :)

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