Passerelles numériques

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Passerelles numériques

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Passerelles numériques

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Room 205, 80B Le Duan

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+84 511 224 9798




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Passerelles numériques is a non-profit French organization under the “1901 Act”:
Founded on November 13, 2006 :
its registration at Nanterre’s Prefecture was published at the Official Journal of the French Republic JO N°20060049 on 09/12/2006;
headquarters are located: 40, rue de la Comète, 92 600 Asnières-sur-Seine, France;
Registered as an International NGO with the governments of Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philppines and legally entitled to operate in these countries;
Since 2008, Passerelles numériques is officially recognized as a charity by the French Government and thus:
is exempt of business taxes;
grants received are eligible for tax deduction in France (French tax residents).

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