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The Keys - English cafe

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The Keys - English cafe

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54 Le Lai street, Da nang

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0122 345 1467



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LOCATION: 54 Le Lai street, Da Nang city, Viet Nam
AIMS: To create an environment which is friendly and useful to both Vietnamese who want to improve English skills and to tourists who want to meet and share their experiences with the locals.
- Central highlands coffee
- Healthy drinks: fresh juices and other Vietnamese healthy drinking
- The shop has a space and decoration style that inspire guests to improve English skills, especially speaking skill
o First floor: For small group discussion, interactions with The Keys’ staff and self-learning
o Second floor: For one bigger group discussion or activities (presentation/talk shows)
- The shop often organize other useful activities for young Vietnamese people, for example workshop on interview skills, event updates of volunteer programs/scholarships/meaningful community activities
- Daytime:
o From 7h30am – 18h00: there is no English activities during these hours; guests are encouraged to learn English based on available tools (cassettes, headphones, books, computers, English DVDs…) or are encouraged to discuss with their friends (choose topics from topic boxes) or to talk with the shop’s speakers
o Temporary book exchange: guests can borrow books from the shops with a condition of leaving another book with similar topic and quality at the shop for other readers
- English-speaking time: 7.30pm - 9.30pm: thematic discussions
o Monday – Free talk
o Tuesday – Discovery night
o Wednesday – Free talk
o Thursday - Free talk
o Friday - Music games show
o Saturday - Movie night
o Sunday - Talk show
- The shop also aims to be the meeting place of English clubs in Danang. Invite members of English clubs to become facilitators/speakers at the shop and they will get free drink to be active facilitators
- There are notice boards that update social, voluntary activities, scholarship opportunities or interesting events
- Promoting healthy drinking (juices/smoothies)

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