How Should You Behave At The Buddha Temple?

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How Should You Behave At The Buddha Temple?

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Hello DHE, Today i was praying with my mum at the Buddha's temple in Da nang and saw some tourist who had also visited, while praying, some of these tourists kept talking loudly and disturbing other people meditation. Also, the Buddha temple is not a fashion TV or beach, can you help warn against the type of dressing to be worn when visiting. Thanks

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How Should An Expat/Tourist Behave At The Buddha Temple

I feel it's normal for everybody to respect any religious gathering. Its just a common sense for every individual. These are some of the suggestions i will give other people reading this while at the buddha temple...

1. Don't touch the Buddha statues. Worshippers believe that the statues are representation of the gods they worship so dont touch it with your hands as this is a sign of disrespect.

2.giử trật tự(Keep Quiet) whenever you are in the temple. We don't care what your team played last night or the best pizza joint in town. When you are in the temple, stop discussing about those things . The buddhist love to meditate a lot.

3. Yes, yes, yes....we get it, you guys love yourself so much...But we are not interested about this when you are at the temple, stop trying to overdo your affections, so you don't distract others.

4. Some buddha temple will tell you to switch off your phone, don't try to be smart by doing leaving it on, better still, put your phone on silent. Don't record when you are not allowed to. Try that in an army barrack instead :) (please share some photo when you done)

5.Parents should endeavour to keep their kids in check. Naughty kids will not see Santa or whatever trick you have up your sleeve to make sure they keep it cool while at the temple

6.We know you have beautiful body on you...Wow...Ms Kim Kardashian...but at the temple, we don't want to see your Kim's body, keep it all in the cloth...Also the men should wear a good cloth too...Dont come to the buddha temple naked or a singlet because it's Asia...Don't come there with a beach attire...

7. Not sure about this, but some Buddha temple requires you to take off your shoe, take it off quietly. And enjoy your day.

8.You need to bow your head for some statues in the temple, some of us might have problem with this. I suggest you don't go inside such places if it is mandatory you must bow...

9. It is a traditional thing here in Vietnam. You don't point to people on the street. They term it disrespectful. Please don't point to people at the temple and also don't point to the statues. Just be smart to let your friends know what you mean and the exact Buddha you were talking about

10. Be awesome. And i am sure your stay will be AWE......'wait for it....still waiting' SOME....Your stay will be AWESOME... :)

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