How to open a bank account in Vietnam

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How to open a bank account in Vietnam

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What do I need to open a bank account in Viet Nam? How difficult is that? Can you please give a detail reply on this?

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Things you need to open a bank account

Opening a personal bank account in Da Nang/Hoi An is easy...Most of the local banks will only ask for your passport and a 50,000VND ($2), and maybe another 50,000VND if you need an ATM card.

Your 50,000 will be in the account. (cool). Some international bank like HSBC will ask for the following documents.

-Passport (Mandatory)
-Proof of income (Contract letter from your company)
-Proof of residential address with an official stamp (Mostly from your ward police). Talk to your house owner, because the police will ask you to ask the owner to bring the document.

If all this is complete, you can have your new account in this places ASAP. Compared to Saigon, opening an account in Danang/Hoi An is the easiest.

PS: Make sure you understand the banker when opening an account, some banks will only create a salary account for you and this will means only salary will be paid in your account. And the moment you go there to deposit money from another source of income, it will be rejected.. I am talking from experience. Make sure you can receive salary and can deposit in that account.

Hope this helps. Please ask me questions if needed...I will be happy to help..

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