How to get a Vietnamese License for foreigners in Da nang

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How to get a Vietnamese License for foreigners in Da nang

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How do i get a Vietnamese license to ride motorbike in Da nang?

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Steps to get a Vietnamese license for motobikes

Vietnamese motorbike license for foreigners.
Getting an A1 motorbike license (up to 175cc) is very easy, if you have a valid motorcycle license from your own country.

Here is what to do:
- Have the license from your own country translated into Vietnamese (probably any translating agency will do)
- Copy your passport and the page where your current visa is.
- Get one 3x4cm photo of yourself
Go to the Ministry of Transport in Danang (140 Hai Phong, opening hours 7:30-11:00 and 13:30-17:00), take your number for counter #3 and ask for an application form. The form is on the website of the Ministry of Transport too, but they will only accept their own version.
Hand over all paperwork and show your passport and original license (you can keep these). If your documents are OK they will take a photo of you and you must pay VND 135,000. That’s it.
You will get a receipt with a date on which you can pick up your license (one week later). Collect your license at counter #4.
Piece of cake!

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Transfer your foreign driving licence into vietnamese licence

Before I already make one for my boss. He has french driving licence and want to make it vietnamese licence. We did like this :
- Translate his licence into vietnamese and notarize the translation
- Fill the form at the transportation department
- Make a photocopy for his passport with the newest visa for VietNam.
- Take 4 picture in size 3x4
Then we apply all at the transportation department (you should find where is it in DaNang because we did it last time in HCMC). Just few days after it will be done.

Anyway we have a new law coming about the driving licence from 2015. As we join in the Vienna convention about the traffic between 70 countries, if your licence is from one of these countries,you can use it in VietNam. I think you should wait a little bit more for this before make your vietnamese licence :)


Thanks Thu, another great contribution from you again, hope you can write about many things that can help expats...You can send to the website team , also like this website on Facebook, you are helpful

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