How To Get The Train From Da Nang To Ho Chi Minh

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How To Get The Train From Da Nang To Ho Chi Minh

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Hello Dher Can you please let us know how to get the train from Danang to Ho Chi Minh? We are in Hoi An, can we get the ticket here, else where can we get in Da nang soon? Thanks

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How To Get The Train Ticket And The Train In Da Nang

The train ticket can be bought from the travel agent around Hoi An and you can go to Da nang by bus or taxi to the train station. The Train station in Da nang is at 200 Hải Phòng, Tân Chính, Thanh Khê, Đà Nẵng. You can't miss it.

You can also go to the train station to buy your ticket before traveling. Though i will advise against going to the station yourself as you may be overcharged :). Make sure you go with a Vietnamese friend to book on your behalf if you have one.

This is the website for all train travels from Danang to the various part in Vietnam( with prices and also allowing to book online .

The truth is i am yet to use it or will ask you to do it. The last time i was about to try it, i decides to go to the station first, low and behold, i was able to save $10. The only issue i later had was the kind of cabin i booked was not what i got, and also the bed was not what i had hoped for.

But that was just the attendant that messed with me, and it was not due to the price i paid, even though my Vietnamese friend later said i was supposed to still pay $5 less to what i had paid her....and for where she gave me, i might not have paid up to that anyways. So to summarise the question..You can get from any agent in Hoi An or go to Danang. You can ask around to compare prices..

Wish you a safe trip mate

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