How Can I Learn Vietnamese In Da Nang?

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How Can I Learn Vietnamese In Da Nang?

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Please I will like to learn the Vietnamese language. Can you point me to the right place that i could learn this language from? Is it true it is more easier to learn if you have a girlfriend ? :)

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Speaking Vietnamese language

Learning the Vietnamese language is not that difficult, but might require your zeal and determination. You have to be sure you want it and put your whole heart into doing it.

I will advise you practise with some Vietnamese friends after studying as it helps smoothen your speaking. I am guessing you are looking at the speaking part.

On my part, i have learnt to speak Vietnamese from his link :

The guy teaching on that you tube page is excellent, clear and the class are understanding as most times i use what he taught on the street, its magical....

It is good to chat with Vietnamese in Vietnamese too, use Google translate, as it is easy to read the language like English, it will also make you learn the words and pronounce it, if it's wrong, your Vn friends will help.

But if sitting down at your computer screen is much of a big deal to you :

Click this link to see a group of Vietnamese students offering free Vn classes to Expats :


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