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300 - 302 Lê Duẩn

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+84 511 3647 703




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The company specializes in business FAHASA: national cultural policy, cultural exchange, cultural products, stationery, school supplies, souvenirs, toys for children.

National policy documents with diverse genres like textbooks - reference, curriculum, language learning books, dictionaries, reference books of many specialized rich literature, psychology - education, science and technology , Economic Sciences - Social, Life Sciences, feng shui books, live art, quotations, children's books, comic books, read books, dictionaries, information technology and scientific - technical, cook food, beauty ... Publisher's more, the book offers reputed as: Youth Publishing House, Education, Kim Dong, Culture, Entertainment, Synthesis Vietnam, National Political, Dong A Company, Nha Nam, Bach Vietnam, Alphabook, Thai Ha, Ming Lin, Ding Refugee, Minh Long, TGM, Tri Creative Vietnam, Khang Vietnam, Toan Phuc ...

Foreign language books including dictionaries, textbooks, reference and children's manga, books, language learning, vocabulary, grammar, TOEFL, TOEIC, IELS ... imported from foreign publishers such as : Cambridge, Mc McGraw-Hill, Pearson Education, Oxford, Macmillan, Cengage Learning ...

Stationery, school supplies, children's toys, souvenirs ... diverse, rich, beautiful design, good quality, supplied by the company, reputable suppliers such as Thien Long, Binh Tay Import Export, Thuan Hanh Ngo Quang, Vietnam Office, School Fun, Mi Huong, Phuong Nga, Vietnam Tinh Anh, Vietnamese child care, mother and baby ...

Along with the release of exclusive editions kinds of Publisher's printing capacity, production sources of supply in FAHASA Enterprise, has helped the company actively sources, especially in the face exclusive goods such as wall calendars, student training, advanced notebook, agenda, stationery, school supplies ...

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