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East meets West Dental Clinic

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East meets West Dental Clinic

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269 Nui Thanh Street

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0511 3624 222



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The East meets West Dental is the only Charity/Business Model
In Vietnam and is divided into three separate operations:

1. The EMW Dental Clinic operating since in 1996.
The modern, well equipped clinic specializes in providing both local & western clientele with "Western Standards' " Surgery, Equipment & Products.

Quality dental services include
• Preventative care,
• Teeth Whitening,
• General Dentistry ,
• Cosmetic Restorations
• & Specialized Services
such as Crowns, Bridges, Orthodontics & Transplants.

The same price applies for all Expats & Vietnamese citizens with a 15% discount for large groups/ companies/departments and businesses &
by supporting East meets West Dental Clinic, you contribute to helping provide on-going Dental Care to “Disadvantaged Children” in Central Vietnam provinces.

2. The School Dental Trailers
The dental trailer focuses on prevention and education services for local primary school students.

3. The Rural Outreach & Volunteer Projects
The outreach programs provides emergency treatment utilizes portable field equipment to rural children with no access to dental care. 

The East Meets West Dental charity Programs address the serious adverse health effects of dental disease by improving the oral hygiene of disadvantaged children in central Vietnam. According to the World Health Organization, dental disease is the most common ailment on the planet, with over 5 billion people suffering from its effects

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Dental Service was excellent & in perfect English!

After visiting 4 local dentists, I finally found East Meets West,
not only did they provide me with quality work but answers & a plan for my future needs
in perfect english.

Happy to know also my money goes to support their charity work.
With their prices the same for both westerners and vietnamese. Why would I go anywhere else.

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