Da Nang Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Hospital

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Da Nang Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Hospital

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Da Nang Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Hospital

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95 Quang Trung Street

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Multifunction clinic and specializing in fields of trauma, orthopedics and rehabilitation

- Examining and indicating kinds of prostheses and orthoses and walking aids

- New modern equipments serving for imaging and laboratory

Emergency: Receiving urgent cases suffering from extremity trauma 24/24h


Trauma treatment: all kind injury of

Orthopedic: Congenital malformation (clubfoot, hip dislocation, Genu varum, Genu valga…), neuromuscular (cerebral palsy, polio), post – trauma (tilted position of body axis, joint stiffness, pain and burning sequel.

Hip Replacement: Femur fracture, head of the femur necrosis, inflammation and stiff of the hip) and knee (knee arthritis, post – trauma)

Arthroscopy surgery: knee and shoulder joints (joint degeneration, ligament tear…)

Cosmetic Surgery: graphic depict of burn scar, loose soft tissues, eyelid, lip, breast… and erasing moles, tattoos… by laser method.

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