Da Nang C Hospital/Bệnh viện C Đà Nẵng

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Da Nang C Hospital/Bệnh viện C Đà Nẵng

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Da Nang C Hospital/Bệnh viện C Đà Nẵng

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122 Hải Phòng

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Hospital C Danang is first class hospital under the Ministry of Health is located in central Da Nang city is responsible for health care, health care workers high and the Party, State and people in the area Central - Highlands. In recent years, the State is investing and building facilities and modern equipment, and often receive support in terms of expertise of industry experts as well as experts in addition, hospitals are performing tasks.

Along with improving the quality of care and resolved quickly, timely emergency for severe cases, hospitals have been successfully implemented many high technology such as brain surgery took hematoma, brain tumor surgery, surgery abdication disc, spinal cord tumor surgery paragraph neck, chest, back and waist, dissections lobe of the liver, stomach partial cut, reconstructive surgery wire legs over the attack, the femoral head replacement surgery, surgical cutting block Colonel pancreas, Phaco surgery, laparoscopic surgery digestive endoscopy Ear - Nose - Throat ... Hospital is constantly investing in new facilities and modern, such as laparoscopic surgery system and target interventions chemical, respiratory, urinary; Am machine C- (2 ​​screens) in capturing and coronary intervention ... just have diagnostic value, medium-value treatment has helped patients reduce pain, do not take much time and the cost of transporting the patient to a higher level

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