Ba Na Resort - Mo Spring

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Ba Na Resort - Mo Spring

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Ba Na Resort - Mo Spring

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An Sơn Village, Hoà Ninh Hamlet, Hoà Vang Districts

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(84-511) 3791 999 & (84-5



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From Danang 40 kilometers to southwest, Ba Na – Mount Chua is 1,487 meters high over the sea level. The weather is cool during 4 seasons and average temperature is from 17 to 20 degree Celsius. You can travel to Ba Na by your our car, by bus or rent car. The road leading to the mountaintop is 16 km long; the booking and tourist guidebook is located here.
Ba Na was discovered by French Captain Debay in an exploration in 1900. After one hundred deserted years, nowadays Ba Na has been built and became a complicated resort with new roads, villas, hotels and beautiful bungalows with the capacity of several hundred tourists.
Ba Na bobs in clouds cover the mountain slopes; blow in the flower gardens and rooms. There are many kinds of orchids, dears, monkeys, wild birds…especially some strange butterflies with beautiful shape and color. You should not miss a chance to rest in Ba Na at night; Ba Na by night is more wonderful.


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