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How Can I Learn Vietnamese In Da Nang?

Please I will like to learn the Vietnamese language. Can you point me to the right place that i could learn this language from? Is it true it is more easier to learn if you have a girlfriend ? :)

How To Renew Your Vietnam Visa

Hello... Please I will like to renew my Visa and it seems difficult. Can you please advise me on how to go about it?

Dos and Don’ts and a Few Words of Caution During Tet

This is my first time spending Tet in Hoi An.. What should we do or not to do? Is it advisable to celebrate Tet in Hoi An. Thanks for your time

How To Get The Train From Da Nang To Ho Chi Minh

Hello Dher Can you please let us know how to get the train from Danang to Ho Chi Minh? We are in Hoi An, can we get the ticket here, else where can we get in Da nang soon? Thanks

How Should You Behave At The Buddha Temple?

Hello DHE, Today i was praying with my mum at the Buddha's temple in Da nang and saw some tourist who had also visited, while praying, some of these tourists kept talking loudly and disturbing other people meditation.

Where can I do CELTA, TEFL, or TESOL course in Da nang

Hello DHE I will like to ask if i can do a CELTA course in Da nang city without going to Hanoi or Ho chi minh city.

Do we have Churches in Da Nang That Speaks English?

Hello DHE, We are moving to Danang soon, we will like to know if churches in Da nang speaks English and what denomination are there? Any international churches please? Are they catholic churches only?

How to Say No politely to the street motorbikers (Xe om)

Hello DHE, Sometimes when i go around Da nang or sometimes in Hoi An, the motorbike people won't stop telling me to come over. I don't want to be rude, how do i tell them No politely or what is the best way to say No in Vietnamese?

How can i learn English In Da Nang and Hoi An

I am a student in Da Nang and I will like to learn how to speak and understand English Language. I feel it is hard. Please can you share some ways to meet, learn or talk with a foreigner in Da nang or Hoi An

What makes Global English Centre stands out in Da Nang?

Hello, I will like to learn the English language. I am currently considering the Global English Centre, can you please advise what makes them stand out of all the English centres in Da nang?

Where are some insurance company in Da Nang or Hoi An?

We are expats family coming to live in Da Nang soon. Our current insurance will expire soon, and we will like to know some insurance companies we can get that are ok. Thanks

What is the cost of living in Da Nang?

Please can you please let us know the cost of living in Da nang and Hoi An? Thanks

How to open a bank account in Vietnam

What do I need to open a bank account in Viet Nam? How difficult is that? Can you please give a detail reply on this?

Đăng tin bán đồ

Xin chào DHE, Tôi muốn đăng tin bán đồ trên DHE nhưng k biết làm thế nào để đăng đc? DHE vui lòng có thể giúp đỡ tôi đc k? Cám ơn DHE rất nhiều. Thế Anh.


Hello.... Any useful advise on vets, pet shops would be greatly appreciated... Lisa

Moving to Da Nang?

Why should i move to Da nang and why Da Nang?

How to get a Vietnamese License for foreigners in Da nang

How do i get a Vietnamese license to ride motorbike in Da nang?

Sophia Mini Mart Da nang Address

Hello Expats, I added Sophia Mini mart on this website and recently have received 2 messages about Sophia mart that says that the address changed recently, so if anyone know new address, can you please send me a private message via DHE...Or if you can contact Sophia Mini Mart to update their bu


Hello. Does anyone know where I can dance Argentinian Tango in Da Nang? If not does anyone know of a bar with a wooden floor for dancing on or a largish open space like the open mike cafe so 6 Simon